Quality and safe software are prepared specially for customers’ requests. As BTPERFORMANCE, our only goal is 100% customer satisfaction with software specially prepared for the vehicle and driver. We would like to work with companies and individuals whose business discipline and understanding are the same. For this reason, each application will be examined meticulously and the final decision will be made after the necessary negotiation stages.

Dealership pre-applications are received on this page. We kindly request you to fill all fields in the dealership request form completely. You will be contacted shortly after submitting the form.

If you want, you can contact us through the contact page and get detailed information.

Please enter your name and surname completely.
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Please do not forget to enter the country code you live in.
Please specify the city and country you want a dealership from.
Please introduce yourself briefly. Help us know about you before we contact you.

Firms or individuals who want a dealership for opening a Hidden Feature are asked to add “Hidden Feature Opening Dealership” to the additional information section of the form. Please note that you can reach us via the contact page for detailed information.