BMW Service Online – Electronic

As Btperformance BMW Service Online; we have been doing remote connection to find and repair of BMW electronic faults since 2019. After making remote connection, we install the necessary softwares for BMW cars. We improve ourselves every day about BMW and follow the innovations.

Today, especially in new generation cars, electronic malfunctions can be a headache. Since many companies prefer the trial and error method, they change more than one part until they find a solution. This unnecessarily strains the owner’s budget. However, companies like us that use technology well can detect pinpointing in such cases. Especially in BMWs, most electronic malfunctions can be fixed with a simple coding. However, workshops that do not know how to code are forced to decide to change parts. In order not to tire yourself and your car, the first thing you need to do when you have an electronic fault should be to contact us. Let’s find and solve the fault via remote connection in a short time.

Btperformance BMW Service Online - Electronic
BMW Service Online – Electronic

We need to install the necessary softwares to do all this. For this reason, you can get information by contacting us via contact page.

We can do;
– Finding Faults
– Updating Modules
– Coding and adaptation of Modules
– Chip Tuning Files for ECU
– Fuel Economy Files for ECU
– System cancellation files for ECU
– Hidden Features Activation

BMW Service Online – Chip Tuning

We have 10 years of experience in engines. Our garage provide custom made file that we develop for BMW diesel engines to many companies over Worldwide. We trust our tuning files. Our files are both safe and powerful. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied, we will refund 70% of the money within the same day. In addition, special for those who have software belonging to another company; We provide the opportunity to try the software we have prepared for free. We are so sure that you will be satisfied.

BMW Service Online – Hidden Features Activation

We have been performing BMW Hidden feature activation operations via remote connection since 2019. The hidden feature activation process will chnage your car. Check out the features that can be activated specific to your BMW from the links. BMW E46, BMW E6x, BMW E7x, BMW E9x, BMW F1x, BMW F2x, BMW F3x

Reference: Carstechnic.com BTPerformance

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