BMW E53 Hidden Features List

All the features to be mentioned below are those that; can only be opened in software, without requiring a mechanical operation or part assembly. In fact, it can be called closed feature instead of hidden feature or secret feature. Although these secret features exist in the infrastructure of your car; it has not been activated by the factory. In this page; we have explained in detail the BMW E53 hidden features or secret features; we can activate for BMW E53 cars via remote computer connection. It is recommended that you read this page before deciding on the features to open. If you have BMW inpa cable, you can call us.  Whatever version of your; BMW E53 X5 car it has hidden features that can be activated no matter what.

BMW E53 X5 Hidden Features Activation with BMW Inpa Cable via Remote Connection
BMW E53 Hidden Features Activation with BMW Inpa Cable via Remote Connection

The features listed in this pages, applies to BMW E53 X5 (2000-2007) cars listed above. The features can be activated vary depending on the model. If you contact us, the list of features that can be opened is released free of charge.

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BMW E53 X5 Hidden Features

I – Comfort Ones for BMW E53 Hidden Features

Lowering Right Mirror in Reverse Gear; When you shift into reverse, we can turn on this feature, which allows the right mirror to show the pavement and provide a comfortable park. You can close at any time with one click.

Closing or Opening Windows and Sunroof from the car key; In most models, the windows and sunroof cannot be closed or opened from the key. We can activate the windows and sunroof closing/opening feature from the remote key.

Turning Off the Belt Warning Sound and Visual; Although it is vital to wear a seat belt, the belt warning sound can be annoying when using low speeds between neighborhoods or short distances. We can mute the belt warning sound.

II – Visual Ones for BMW E53 Hidden Features

US Side Markers (US Park Lights); We can add visuality to the vehicle by ensuring that the signal lights are constantly lit.

Brake Lights as Turn Lights; The brake lights will act as a signal when the signal is given.

Fog Lights deactivation with High Beam; After this coding, when you use high beam, fog lights will be deactivated with high beam automatically.

Coming Home; When you park the vehicle at night, the headlights or fog (adjustable as desired) remain active to illuminate your path for time you want.

III – Safety Features for BMW E53

Automatic locking; We can ensure the automatic locking of the doors after your car has exceeded a certain speed threshold.

DWA Approval Sound; We can activate the feature of giving voice confirmation with the horn during the locking and unlocking of the doors. With this feature, you confirm that the doors are locked or opened with an audible warning.

Visual Approval; We can activate the feature of giving visual confirmation with the turn signals during the locking and unlocking of the doors. With this feature; you confirm that the doors are locked or opened with an visual warning.

Continuing to Movement of Windows When Doors Open; In most models, this process is interrupted when the door is opened while the windows are opening or closing automatically. Through the feature coding movement of windows will continue even if the door is opened.

Panic Mode; We can activate the panic mode. Panic mode is the process of activating the alarm system by pressing the trunk release button for at least 3 seconds in case of any danger.

Auto-Relock; It is the feature of automatic re-locking after 2 minutes when the doors are opened. It prevents accidental opening doors from posing a theft hazard.

BMW E53 X5 (2000-2007) Hidden Features Activation with BMW Inpa Cable via Remote Connection
BMW E53 Hidden Features Activation with BMW Inpa Cable via Remote Connection

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How Much Money is Activation of Hidden Features?

You can check our price list page for updated prices. We activate all features via remote connection if you have e-net cable. We can install e-sys program to your computer even if you do not have the program. You just need the cable. Contact us.

Is Activation of BMW E53 Hidden Features Dangerous?

Activation of BMW E53 hidden features process is done with computer and even a screwdriver is not used. For this reason, it will not damage your vehicle, nor will it damage its warranty. For this reason, you can have it with peace of mind. If you own a BMW E53 and you have not turned on its features, you should not call it BMW E53.

How we work on your car with remote connection?

Whether you want to do this job professionally or ask for your own vehicle. If you have a BMW inpa cable and want to open a hidden feature, you can contact us. We connect to your computer with a remote computer connection and do all the necessary work for you. You can choose the credit system on the store page for the payment method; or you can make a one-time shopping with a credit card. After purchasing from the store, you can contact us immediately and request a remote connection. After payment, we detect the hidden features for free. If there is a feature you are not satisfied, we can turn it off for free. For companies that want to open feature with remote connection, we can do it.

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