Chip Tuning for Atmospheric Engine

Atmospheric engine car users often think that chip tuning will not make any difference. But in this article we will refuse this thesis. Because, various technologies are also used in atmospheric engines. These technology differences also help us increase the engine power. What are these differences? Injection systems used in atmospheric engines and throattle body types. Chip tuning for atmospheric engine varies according to these technologies. Utilizing these technologies, the power and torque increase in the engine reaches up to 15%. Of course, its only advantage is not limited to this. If you continue reading the page, we are sure that all the question marks in your mind about chip tuning in the atmospheric engine will disappear.

Chip Tuning for Atmospheric Engine
Chip Tuning for Atmospheric Engine

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Chip Tuning for Atmospheric Engine – Technologies Used

As we mentioned above, injection systems and throttle systems differ in atmospheric engines. While the differences in the injection systems determine how much power and torque will increase, the throttle type will decide the pedal sensitivity. It will be more understandable to continue the subject after examining these technologies for a clearer understanding of the subject. As we said, we don’t want you to have a question mark in mind.

Injection systems used in atmospheric engines:

-Single point injection gasoline atmospheric engines: This system is similar to the old carburetor system. It was used for a short time after its production and was abandoned with the new technology. Fuel is fed to the intake manifold through the throattle and gasoline mixed with air is supplied to the engine by opening the intake valves. In these systems, chip tuning is not applied.

-Multi-point injection gasoline atmospheric engines: In multi-point injection engines, the low pressure fuel pump is connected before the inlet valve of each cylinder. The inlet valve opens in the cylinder, which comes in time of suction, and it sprays the injector gasoline of that cylinder into the air entering the cylinder. Then the air fuel mixture is compressed and burned. These systems increase power, but the increase will be limited. The power increase after Chip Tuning remains between 5% and 10%.

-Direct injection gasoline atmospheric engines: Direct injection gasoline engines are logically similar to diesel engines. These engines use a high pressure fuel pump. In this way, gasoline is sprayed into the engine during the compression period. Gasoline at high pressure is better pulverized and combustion is stronger and cleaner. In this type of injection engines, the power increase will be up to 15% after the chip tuning process.

-Diesel atmospheric engines: Although diesel engines are atmospheric, a power increase of up to 15% can be achieved. In this type of engines, the high pressure fuel pump sprays the fuel to the injectors and the combustion occurs spontaneously due to the trapped hot air inside the cylinder.

Types of Throttle Used in Atmospheric Engines:

Engines with electronic throttle: When you press the accelerator pedal in engines with electronic throttle, the throttle will open thanks to electrical signals. This means that the more you press the pedal, the more the throttle will open. So, what is the benefit of electronic throttle in chip tuning process? You have heard that gas reactions increase in chip tuning. Yes, exactly at this point it is necessary to talk about its benefits. In vehicles with electronic throttle, gas reactions are increased regardless of the type of injection system. In this way, the increase in power will be felt in every revolution from the start.

Engines with Mechanic throttle: They operate by connecting the throttle to the accelerator via a wire. So the way it works is mechanical, not electrical. This brings with it disadvantages. Gas reactions will not change after chip tuning, as the gas reactions are completely related to how much you press the pedal. There will be an increase in power but you will not be able to feel it on departures. Power increase will be felt at medium and high speeds.

Is Chip Tuning Harmful in Atmospheric Engine?

We have said that the power increase in the atmospheric engine is between 5% and 15%. Since the increase in power in the atmospheric engine is maximum 15%, there is no possibility of damaging the engine.

Advantages of Chip Tuning for Atmospheric Engine

  • First of all, with the power increase between 5% and 15%, the cumbersome in the vehicle will go away.
  • Maximum torque and power values ​​will come to early revs and will continue at certain revolutions.
  • Thanks to the change of gas reactions, the vehicle will move faster and become agile.
  • Since the increase in power and torque is limited to 15%, it will not damage the engine regardless of engine condition. (Whether the engine is damaged or not depends on the condition of the engine.)
  • Although the amount of fuel consumption depends on usage, it will not increase under the same usage conditions.

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