Audi A6 4G Hidden Features List 11-18

All the features to be mentioned below are those that can only be opened in software, without requiring a mechanical operation or part assembly. In fact, it can be called closed feature instead of hidden feature or secret feature. Although these secret features exist in the infrastructure of your car, it has not been activated by the factory. In this page, we have explained in detail the Audi A6 4G hidden features or secret features we can open for Audi A6 4G cars via remote computer connection. It is recommended that you read this page before deciding on the features to open. If you have vcds cable and software, you can call us.  Whatever version of your Audi A6 4G car it has hidden features that can be activated no matter what.

Audi A6 4G Hidden Features Activation with Vagcom via Remote Connection
Audi A6 4G Hidden Features Activation with Vagcom via Remote Connection

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*If you want to learn more information about Audi hidden features activation, click here.

Audi A6 4G Hidden Features

I – Comfort Ones for Audi A6 4G Hidden Features

Lowering Right Mirror in Reverse Gear: When you shift into reverse, we can turn on this feature, which allows the right mirror to show the pavement and provide a comfortable park. You can close at any time with one click.

Coming Home / Leaving Home: When you park the vehicle at night, the headlights or fog (adjustable as desired) remain active to illuminate your path for time you want.

Cornering Lighting: We activate this feature for you to use fog lamps as corner lighting.

Continuation of the Engine When the Door is Opened: Stopping the engine when the door is opned can be annoying in most cases. If you want to prevent this situation, we can code.

Closing the Tailgate with the remote key: There are variations related to closing the tailgate from the remote.

Removing Belt Prerequisites for Auto Hold System: The auto hold system is not activated without wearing a seat belt. If remove the belt prerequsite, auto hold will be activated even if you do not wear safety belt.

Turning Off the Belt Warning Sound and Visual: Although it is vital to wear a seat belt, the belt warning sound can be annoying when using low speeds between neighborhoods or short distances. We can mute the belt warning sound.

Deactivation Start-Stop Function: You can do this from inside the vehicle, but it is active again every time. For those who are bored with this situation and want to turn off the start stop feature, we turn it off.

II – Visual Ones for Audi A6 4G Hidden Features

Electronic Car Lowering: Through the adaptive air suspension (AAS), we can adjust the vehicle’s height by coding. We can get the optional car higher and lower .

Staging(Instrument Celebration): We can make the hands on the instrument panel come to an end and come back when the vehicle ignition is turned on.

Integration of Daytime Running Lights into the Menu: With the activation of this feature, you can turn the daytime running lights on and off at any time via the multi media menu

Reverse Camera Duration Time: We can adjust the duration of the reversing camera on the screen. If you think it closes early or late, we can adjust the time.

Foot Illumination While Driving: We can activate the footwell lighting while driving.

Fuel Consumption Calibration: If the consumption amount on the vehicle screen does not match your account, we can calibrate it

III – Safety Features for Audi A6 4G

Activation of Anti Theft Alarm: We can make alarm coding in vehicles without theft alarm. In this way, if the glass is broken and the door is opened from the inside, the alarm will start ringing.

DWA Approval Sound: We can activate the feature of giving voice confirmation with the horn during the locking and unlocking of the doors. With this feature, you confirm that the doors are locked or opened with an audible warning.

Engine Pre- Heating: In cars with parking heating, the interior is warmed up. After this coding, the engine side is also heated at the same time, except for the interior being heated. This prevents the engine from being affected by the cold in the cold weather.

Increasing Highway Comfort Signal Count to 5: Highway comfort signal is the signal system that helps us during lane change. When you activate it by touching the signal arm without right or left, it signals 3 times and automatically shuts off. We increase this number to 5, since 3 signal times are not enough to change lane time.

Audi A6 4G Hidden Features Activation with Vagcom via Remote Connection
Audi A6 4G Hidden Features Activation with Vagcom via Remote Connection

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Is Activation of Audi A6 4G Hidden Features Dangerous?

Activation of Audi A6 4G hidden features process is done with computer and even a screwdriver is not used. For this reason, it will not damage your vehicle, nor will it damage its warranty. For this reason, you can have it with peace of mind. If you own a Audi A6 4G and you have not turned on its features, you should not call it Audi A6 4G.

How we work on your car with remote connection?

Whether you want to do this job professionally or ask for your own vehicle. If you have a VCDS cable and want to open a hidden feature, you can contact us. We connect to your computer with a remote computer connection and do all the necessary work for you. You can choose the credit system on the store page for the payment method or you can make a one-time shopping with a credit card. After purchasing from the store, you can contact us immediately and request a remote connection. After payment, we detect the hidden features for free. If there is a feature you are not satisfied, we can turn it off for free. For companies that want to open feature with remote connection, we can do it.

Other applications we do are;

-Chip Tuning (%35 Power increase and %15 Fuel Economy)
-DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter) Off
-EGR(Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Off
-Adblue Off
-Speed and rpm Limit Off
-Hidden Feature Activaton (BMW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Renault and Dacia
-Part Adaptation and Coding

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